Key points in the design of seven children’s study

Key points in the design of seven children's study

Knowledge Guide: Modern families pay special attention to children’s education, so the child’s learning environment is very important.

Many parents choose to set up a kids study room at home to allow children to study independently, but considering the space, there are also desks placed in the bedroom.

It’s another year of school season. I don’t know if Bao Mabao’s father is considering the design of the children’s room. The key points in the design of seven kids study!

Key points in the design of seven children's study

A comfortable and welcoming key points in the design of seven kids study, but also finds fun in learning, and your family’s Mengbao can immediately become a master.

The independent study room allows children to isolate other distractions, calm down and learn to edit the key points of the seven kids study design! Simply study the study furniture design to make your child’s study room more fashionable!

First, the importance of kids study color selection

The color-hopping study can make children full of curiosity. When they are children, they are decorated with colorful decorations. The world map is the best children’s decoration, letting children realize the macroscopic world.

The blue fabric sofa maintains the color extension. Tatami seems to be integrated in any space. In the decoration of the room, it is best not to place electronic products such as computers or TVs to separate entertainment and learning.

Second, exquisite children’s study decoration

In the study, the bookcase is also important. On the bottom of the children’s book, the children’s books are placed, and on the top layer are some decorations that are difficult for children to get.

The desk is placed in front of the window, the sun is full, the study is tired, try to look at the scenery outside, do not ignore the light at night, it is best to use children’s eye protection table lamp.

If you have a transparent glass bubble chair indoors, you can have fun while you are learning.

Third, double study room design

There may be two children in the family, so how to design a shared study is good. The bookcase in the middle is the most dividing line. The tables and chairs are arranged on the two sides according to the child’s preference. There are multiple lockers in the room. Not only the books but also the decorations are not necessary.

The bookcases in white and original colors are fresh and natural, and will not make children feel depressed and learn better. The dark green home carpet is matched with the wood-coloured floor, and everything looks so warm and comfortable.

Fourth, learning and entertainment coexist

The study room does not need to deliberately set up regular tables and chairs. Now many parents feel that the study is a small space for children to read and entertain.

In the room, the child can place his favorite book, or put a favorite toy, so that the toy is not in the living room.

It is best not to choose furniture with sharp corners in the children’s room to avoid unintentional bruises.

The overall use of warm color beige as the main color, the use of the original color into it, is the inlay of the desk, is the matching of the hanging cabinet, so that children have a deeper understanding of the color contrast, but also stimulate the child’s full imagination;

Five, fairy-tale independent study

The independent study is generally suitable for larger houses. Modern parents are more and more concerned about the child’s physical and mental development, hoping to give children a perfect childhood.

Key points in the design of seven children's study

The fairy-tale room, the castle-style room simulates the big tree, the roof of the white cloud, so that the child has a feeling of being in the nature and nature. The designer cleverly sets the middle of the tree hole into a bookshelf, small cylinder lamp decoration, warm light and quiet lighting The book, dark brown leather sofa, dark tatami, in the warm and without losing the texture.

Six, simple study

The simple children’s study room is more suitable for boys, adding a little red to the overall blue style, abandoning the complicated decorations, and placing only one eye-protected yellow table lamp on the table.

The small floor-to-ceiling windows are perfect for the room, with simple silver-framed murals and blue single-seat sofas with pillows to make the small space very plentiful.

Seven, warm color study

The blue-and-white striped wall background and the yellow curtains have changed the mopping style, and the study will not appear dull.

In modern homes, single sofas are very common, occupying a small area, yellow five-pointed star carpets with dark brown floors, and in the winter, the rooms will look very warm.

The small green potted plants are decorated with different flower pots and placed on the bookshelf.

Have you learned the key points in the design of seven children’s study? In the renovation of the children’s study, we not only have the idea of ​​only the parents, but also need to ask the children’s opinions.

In this way, children learn and grow in their favorite environment, which is more relaxed and free, and is also conducive to the child’s physical and mental development.

Today’s children’s study room is shared here. Do you know how to decorate your child’s study room?

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